Okay, well I am down a kg, DH is up a kg, sew-saw marjorie door!  Weight loss definitely slowing down now, but hoping that we keep losing inches and kg’s.  We haven’t reached our target weights by the date we wanted to, but not too discouraged as we have done really well and will keep on eating this way despite this. Hoping the new year brings at least 10kg more loss…

In the meantime, we will navigate the holidays and xmas festivities trying to avoid the ever present carbs!!! Apart from the odd sushi, pudding thingy at functions and odd bite of toast, we are still being really strict. And most importantly, we are both still committed to keeping this weight GONE FOR GOOD!!!!

Here’s to a healthy and thin 2014!!!!


There’s no hiding…

There’s no hiding the fact that on this way of eating you simply CANNOT have your cake and eat it too…unless it is made with almond flour.  So last week, DH and I were not very strict and indulged in wine, beer, an a little pudding at a function, the odd bite of the kids toast, honey etc.  And hey presto, we each put on a kg!!!!!!!!!!! Just like that.

So, back to being strict this week. We still have a nightly block of dark choc as our only sin. Hoping that that kg is gone next week.  I was resigned to loss slowing down now but not that a mere bump in the lchf road would mean instant gain.  Perhaps there will be no future grains or honey as we are so sensitive to carbs that we need to keep our intake limited to below 80g or less…


Feeling Fat


Gosh…don’t ever go try on clothes at Truworths!!! I remember feeling dreadful the last time I did this when I was really fat… but I thought that being 22kg lighter would mean a better experience, so off I went looking for some t-shirts and loose baggy summery pants. M.i.s.t.a.k.e.

I am still FAT.

Yes, judging from the rear view of my ass in that four-way mirror and unflattering light, I am not looking too good from behind. I still have pockets of flab on my back, and my ass and thighs look like the twin’s playdough.

Really depressing. If it wasn’t before…it is clear now that I could still lose 15kg before looking too thin. Sigh…maybe I am just having a fat day…


Back on the plateau wagon

So it would appear as if we are back on the plateau wagon…sigh…I weight the same as last week and 4 weeks ago and DH put on last week and then lost a bit this week…so hovering around the same mark more or less for 5 weeks now…

But that is okay. We must be chuffed at our massive 20kg plus loss and I am sure that weight loss should slow down as one approaches one’s target…okay, well DH is a mere 3.5kg away from his target while I still have 8-10kg to go.

We are not that stressed about it as I have said before this is a way of eating for life.

However – on reaching our goals weights I do want to tweak a few things – bring in some juicing in the mornings / superfood smoothies / paleo recipes / raw chocolate / raw vegan food / sprouted grains etc.

I also want to start making Kombucha and our own raw superfood treats…but as they use fruit / honey etc I have been reluctant. Something to look forward to…

44kg gone…

So between me and DH we have gotten rid of about 44kg. DH is nearing his original goal with only 3.5kg to go…while I still have 8kg still to shift.  A lot of people have been asking me how much more weight I want to lose and don’t I think I should stop now…I keep explaining that I really carry extra weight well and could still lose another 13kg easily.  Interestingly, I was looking back at my old food/diet notebooks and at my lightest in history back in 1999, I weighed 15kg less than I do now.  Admittedly I was starving myself and working out hardcore four days a week, but I did look great. 

I also have to point out to anyone who asks me that we are seeing this as a way of life now and that we will continue to eat this way until our bodies have settled where they want to be at which point we may start to bring in some sweet potato, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelt wheat products possibly. But for now, we certainly do not feel deprived or on a diet in any way.

DH is looking very skinny and only has one pair of pants that fit him properly – he needs to start wearing more slim fit clothes rather than lose baggy tops. I have shopped quite a bit as I am down two dress sizes lol. Both of us need to tone more…still haven’t figured out best scenario for that.

Today I cheated and ate a slice of cheesecake at Woolies Cafe. It was nice but not so nice that I felt like I would miss it…I really have lost my sugar addiction.  I haven’t eaten anything since and now am only craving a big ass salad…yah!


Down 2kg!

Woohoo! So finally after all those weeks of nothing, it seems the loss has started up again and I lost 1.6kg and then 300g this past week. DH has also lost another 2kg making his total loss 21kg and mine 20kg. My sis has lost 23kg so far. Fab.

So, if we are still working towards our original targets, DH has just 4kg to go until he reaches his goal weight and I want to lose at least another 9kg. We are still in the mindset though that this is for life, so we are happy to go with our bodies pace to get to where it wants to be. DH is looking very skinny, but still has a little boep and I am fast getting a very flabby bottom and still have a wobbly tummy…I think that some more toning exercise will be needed by us both. We will be taking our measurements soon to see total cm’s lost.

In the recent past, I have had two colleagues challenge me about the “new fad” “Tim Noakes” diet saying that they have friends who know of two people who dropped dead from heart attacks because of high cholesterol, and another who’s wife is following the diet and just had her cholesterol tested and it was 6.8 (rather high). I have tried to challenge their beliefs with studies I have read, what other contributing factors may have caused the heart attackes and also around the cholesterol issue / particle size scenario etc – so for interesting reading I am including more links here which discuss this issue in detail:

I have also just read Hungry For Change and really resonate with the thinking. I am starting to learn more about digestive tract health, alkalinity, vitamin intake, immunity strengthening foods etc.  To this end, we want to start incorporating some juicing (green juice specifically), activated seeds and nuts, fermented foods and natural probiotic foods to help our digestion etc…will post more about this and share links as we go…

Plateau Smateau

Okay back on that plateau since last month…I have been losing and putting back on the same 500g again and again…sigh…yawn.  Last week we were especially good and I lost the 500g again, while DH 1kg last week and another 300g this week! Typical men.

I am feeling a little frustrated and not sure how long I must not worry about it before doing something to kick-start loss again.  Does this mean that my body is comfortable at this weight and I wont lose anymore ever?  Or does it mean that I am just settling into the 18kg I have lost and things will start moving when my body is ready and if it needs to???

And in doing something drastic to start loss again – do we do a fat fast?  Do we up our physical activity? Do we do intermittend fasting? Or should we just be patient?

I feel a need to start doing some research…