So this past week’s loss was 0.8kg! My DH’s was 1.5kg and my sister 0.5kg. Men always seem to lose faster than women aaaargh! Perhaps it is our bodies just adjusting to the new diet. Still a good loss all round – any loss is great!

It does make me wonder however if we should be doing more activity to speed up the fat burning element. I mean, the LCHF makes you a lean fat burning machine – all your fat cells are opened and ready to be used, but if you lead a sedentary life, then there will come a time when you are eating too many calories (this way of eating is hardly low-calorie!) for your fat burning needs?

Perhaps I should consult a dietician after all just to check the ratios / energy in and out issue to see if we are on the right track. I didn’t want to have to count what we are eating, but maybe we are being to heavy handed on the fat or dairy or protein?

I have a great new tip with Oopsie bread! It was sticking most terribly to all my baking trays even with Olive Oil. I tried it in a silicone muffin tray and voila – perfect! They just pop out.


I made homemade burgers last night on a pile of fried eggplant, topped with blue cheese and tsatsiki with a little Oopsie bread on top – delicious. Tonight I am making pork kebabs from Woolies with cauliflower mash and fried assorted zucchini & patty pans.

We did indulge in some dark chocolate over the weekend – it was DH’s Birthday so instead of cake… And I am turning 40 tomorrow…might have to have some for my Birthday too! 😉


Rice, potato, bread

Okay so seriously. You are going to miss these three. You will get used to not eating them, but your taste buds have memories!  So I am happy to have found replacements for all three…to a degree. We’ve covered cauliflower mash and almond bread and last night we made cauliflower “rice”. 

You just grate a cauliflower, fry some garlic in a big dollop of butter, toss in the grated cauli, season with salt and pepper and fry until crisp and tender. Add sliced spring onion. Yum. You can add egg and a little soya for an Asian take. Good with anything saucy.

I made a puttanesca sauce with anchovies, garlic, capers, olives, origanum, chilli and tomato – which was delicious but almost too rich for the dish – there is a reason it is served with bland pasta.  Not sure I would make that combo again.  But I would make it to go with fish, prawns, lamb stew maybe.

I haven’t been as hungry which is great.  It is wierd getting used to not feeling that carb full bloated feeling – I have associated feeling happily stuffed in this way for so long! It is different feeling LCHF satisfied.

For a treat some evenings, we have whipped cream with a few strawberries, broken walnuts and a block of grated 70% dark chocolate. Seriously yummy.



So we weighed this morning. I have lost 1.9kg and DH 1.7kg.  My sister who has joined us as well has lost 2kg! Good going for week one 🙂

I still can’t get my head around the fact that I am eating FAT and losing weight! I have read the theory, my logical brain says it sounds right but I still can’t quite believe it.

Well, the proof is on the scale. So let’s keep going!

I have been making almond flour bread. Very easy and more like actual bread that Oopsie breads.  Admittedly, the nuts make it super high in fat, so maybe Oopsie breads are better in quantity. All you do is mix an egg with a pinch of salt, a cup of almond flour (crushed almonds) and a tablespoon of melted butter. Pour into a plate and microwave for 2 mins. It is quite chewy, but if you are lus for bread, this is the best alternative I have found so far.

I found some more interesting links to share…

So the first one discusses the issue about when losing weight slows down on LCHF and what to do – it talks to limiting high calorie foods like nuts and cheese to help weight loss – as on a low carb diet your fat cells are wide open to be used but if you are eating too much fat for energy output, your body will not burn its own reserves first….ahem…


The second one is from a blog for a rather fab sounding chocolate cake using almond flour lol…which is exactly what the top one warns against…well anyway…just in case you need a treat after achieving your total weight loss…


The third one is the blog of one of the original LCHF / Swedish diet dr’s and her advice – good to read especially around the weigh loss issue…


I haven’t been as hungry as I was last week, and I think we will try to start eating less when we are ready.  For now, I am still trying new recipes and testing the boundaries of this new way of eating.

Today we had full fat Greek yoghurt, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds and walnuts for breakfast. Then almond bread with cheese and smoked chicken pieces as a snack and then a yummy salad with avo, peppers, bacon bits and artichokes. I have just had some biltong as a snack.

We are trying to drink 3 litres of water a day as well.

Activity at this point is doing laps in the pool every evening and the odd weekend walk – will need to up this I am sure in future…

Cauliflower Mash!

Wow. Cauliflower Mash is yummy. Made it last night with roast chicken and a delicious salad and it was the most delicious meal. You simply break up a cauliflower into florets and  boil it until soft, add butter and cream and a little nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash / puree with a hand held beater which is what I did. Tastes as satisfying as mash potatoes and low carb!!! This is going to be another winner – real comfort food! Found this great blog post just about yummy mashed cauliflower – next time I’m adding cheese for sure! http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2012/01/better-than-potatoes-cheesy-cauliflower.html

Today has been much better.  I am not as hungry as I was yesterday. Had full fat Greek yoghurt with walnuts, macadamia’s, sunflower seeds and a few blueberries and rasberries for breakfast.  Then had two boiled eggs with a little mayo and ham wrapped around emmentaler cheese as a snack. Felt very satisfied. For lunch I had leftovers from last night’s supper.  Feeling full and fine right now. I am still struggling to get over my fear of fat – cream? Butter? Skin? All so taboo on calorie restrictive diets…it seems too good to be true that we can eat this?

I am considering consulting with a dietician just to chat around the LCHF priniciple and calories and how this is managed in terms of energy in, energy out…? I mean is there a limit to how much you can eat? Surely there is for weight loss???

I have started researching this aspect to put my mind at rest and came across this motivating blog post: http://eatlikeaswede.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/swedish-lchf-success-story-marie-liden/

Here’s another good blog with more LCHF info… http://lowcarbhighfatusa.blogspot.com/p/what-is-low-carb-high-fat.html

Tonight I making sirlion steak with a cream mushroom sauce, asparagus and salad. Yummy!

Still hungry

Hurry up and shrink tummy! I am still feeling really hungry today.  Woke up with a headache again this morning sigh. Decided last night on the way home that a skimpy salmon salad was not going to cut it, so changed to meatballs with tomato sauce, green beans with almonds and feta and a little roasted butternut. Both beans and butternut are high on the carbs, so should be kept to the minimal, but how delicious and filling was that meal! A rule on the LCHF eating plan is that if you are hungry you must eat – and I am, but I still haven’t felt the satisfied carb full feeling. I am sure this will change as my body adjusts!

It is so strange not to be counting calories.  Each time I take a bite of cheese, or make a cream sauce I have to push through feeling like I am doing something wrong and the belief that there is NO way I will lose weight eating fat. It really is a mind shift.

I realised that I have never ever once in my life not eaten sugar or carbohydrates..ever. Even when dieting I have always “saved” some calories for a sweet treat, even if with sweetners. I have limited carbs but never completely cut them out. There are some great recipes for low carb treats…but we will only look at introducing these once we have achieved our weight loss. First, we have to break the sugar and carb addiction.  And boy am I addicted!

Looking at other LCHF’ers, it seems that the majority stick to 50g or less carbs a day but that each person must find their happy place where weight is mantained. You need to keep to the rule of 5g carbohydrates per 100g as a general guide. So looking at butternut for example which is about 9g per 100g I think…so you can’t eat very much of it.

Another fascinating blog I am following is “Twin Noakes” – twins and a friend have adopted the LCHF lifestyle after comparing it to a high carb diet – has loads of interesting info as well as info about the cholesterol issue.  You can imagine that most people immediately challenge the LCHF diet by saying, yes well all that saturated fat can’t be good for you. Apparently this has been disputed, however some people are less tolerant of animal fats and so need to keep these minimal. I don’t feel like going into the science of the issue, but their blog does this well – check it out. http://www.jaquelineduncan.co.za/

On the active front, I would like to lose a little weight first before building up muscle mass again.  My plan is to lose 15kg and then start gym again.  The trade-off though is less time with my babies which already is hard for me as I only see them briefly in the evenings when I get home…



So day one yesterday was interesting.  As DH put it…it has been a bitter morning so far lol! For a man used to 2 sugars in his tea to go to zero must be a little bitter.  I was surprised that the Nespresso coffee was actually a little sweet even without the sugar – the foam on top has a slightly sweet taste.

I hadn’t eaten by 10am and my breakfast of full fat Greek yoghurt, berries, nuts and seeds did not really hit the spot. By 11am, I was starving so tucked into my snacks of salami sticks, cherry tomatoes and cheese. By 12pm I was still hungry so I ordered a smoked chicken side salad from the office kitchen and had this with my wedge of fritatta. By 2pm I was still hungry?! So I tucked into some nuts and biltong and a sparkling water.  I am not sure why my body was reeling in shock and acting so hungry – I mean that was a fair amount of food – amazing that carbohydrates just fills you up in a different way. I suppose I need to adjust to how eating less but more dense calories feels?

That night, I decided to try out a crustless quiche (http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/cooking/ht/crustlessquiche.htm)  and Oopsie bread as I seriously felt the need for some bulk. We started the meal with beef fillet carpacchio on a ginger chilli coleslaw with teriyake (little sugar in this eeek) and sesame oil. Yum.  Then had the quiche with some salad. Very yum. I felt nicely full. And then the saliva glands started up at our usual “treat” hour when we would haul out the chocolate or pud or sweets with tea after dinner.  But no…just had a cup of tea. I have a serious sweet tooth so this is going to be tough – even on my strictest diets, I always kept a little calorie allowance for something sweet! Now, my cheats will be a little xylitol or a coke zero lol.

I woke up with a headache the next morning. Started with my usual hot water and lemon and then coffee which was a little bitter – going to start using cream instead of milk. Then at 10am had Oopsie breads with cheese which was seriously satisfying! And a wedge of frittata. I was happily full right until 13h30. For lunch we had a delicious salad with roast peppers, avo, fillet and artichokes…very yum.  I still have my snacks – tomatoes, olives and a salami stick to have and at the moment am enjoying a cup of tea and some almonds.


All I can say is thank goodness for Oopsie bread – going to be a winner for me – looking forward to making Oopsie burgers!

For supper tonight, I am making a Salmon superfood salad with avo, walnuts, flax seed oil dressing…oh dear just realised I can’t use orange juice or honey…mmm and is this going to be enough food for us?? Think I will pick up something to go with it…

Our LCHF journey begins…

So we have decided that an intervention of serious significance is essential to our future longevity. In short, we have to lose weight, get fit and be healthy, active adults from now on.

In part, this is because we recently became parents to precious 1 year old twins after 12 years of trying to conceive making us older parents, 40 and 53, meaning we are going to be really old when the twins are teens! So we need to make sure we are young oldies, fit and active and ready to have loads of adventures with our kids. My DH (dear husband) will be 63 when the twins are 10 and 69 when they are 16 – so he wants to make sure he is as lean and fit as possible to keep up with them.

DH has high blood pressure and is on chronic meds for that.  We are both overweight – DH by about 25kg and me by about 29kg! We both have water retention issues and inflammation. We are both inactive at the moment (I have had gym workout programmes in the past but DH is not very active) I have regular headaches, which may be hormonal.  I have had a mirena for about 6 months not for contraception but to counter intense and extremely painful periods.  I am sure this is contributing to my mood swings, weight gain and headaches, however the relief from the monthly pain is almost worth it.

After reviewing previous weight loss eating plans which have been successful for me in the past ( have previously lost 27kg but regained it, then lost 17kg but regained it again as soon as I fell off the wagon), I have come to the realisation that eating low fat, low GI is almost always really difficult to maintain as a lifestyle.

I accept that I have always and will always have challenges with weight as the minute I eat too much and stop being active, I gain quickly. I understand that if you eat more than you use energy for, you will pick up weight. However, I have been searching for a way of eating that isn’t as restrictive and boring as traditional weight loss plans.

Then I came across LCHF (http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf)  and the principles immediately made sense to us. This is one of many sites talking to the low carb, high fat principle – you can also search paleo diet or Swedish diet – it has been around for years. Also see Tim Noakes who is a huge supporter of this diet – http://www.health24.com/fitness/Diet_Supplements/16-481-512,73175.asp . So many people have had remarkable success with this eating lifestyle including many health benefits like improved blood pressure issues, weight loss, more energy, less lethargy, better sleep etc. And it is the first eating plan that doesn’t feel like a starvation diet to me, losing all the things we love to eat.  However it is going to take a mind shift as I have always believed that fat is BAD and carbs are GOOD…so it is going to be difficult at first to change how I feel about fat specifically!

So from 14 January, we are now LCHF eaters. And this shall be our diary, with updates on our progress, eating plans, meals had, recipes and whatever else I feel inspired to write about on this journey…