So day one yesterday was interesting.  As DH put it…it has been a bitter morning so far lol! For a man used to 2 sugars in his tea to go to zero must be a little bitter.  I was surprised that the Nespresso coffee was actually a little sweet even without the sugar – the foam on top has a slightly sweet taste.

I hadn’t eaten by 10am and my breakfast of full fat Greek yoghurt, berries, nuts and seeds did not really hit the spot. By 11am, I was starving so tucked into my snacks of salami sticks, cherry tomatoes and cheese. By 12pm I was still hungry so I ordered a smoked chicken side salad from the office kitchen and had this with my wedge of fritatta. By 2pm I was still hungry?! So I tucked into some nuts and biltong and a sparkling water.  I am not sure why my body was reeling in shock and acting so hungry – I mean that was a fair amount of food – amazing that carbohydrates just fills you up in a different way. I suppose I need to adjust to how eating less but more dense calories feels?

That night, I decided to try out a crustless quiche (  and Oopsie bread as I seriously felt the need for some bulk. We started the meal with beef fillet carpacchio on a ginger chilli coleslaw with teriyake (little sugar in this eeek) and sesame oil. Yum.  Then had the quiche with some salad. Very yum. I felt nicely full. And then the saliva glands started up at our usual “treat” hour when we would haul out the chocolate or pud or sweets with tea after dinner.  But no…just had a cup of tea. I have a serious sweet tooth so this is going to be tough – even on my strictest diets, I always kept a little calorie allowance for something sweet! Now, my cheats will be a little xylitol or a coke zero lol.

I woke up with a headache the next morning. Started with my usual hot water and lemon and then coffee which was a little bitter – going to start using cream instead of milk. Then at 10am had Oopsie breads with cheese which was seriously satisfying! And a wedge of frittata. I was happily full right until 13h30. For lunch we had a delicious salad with roast peppers, avo, fillet and artichokes…very yum.  I still have my snacks – tomatoes, olives and a salami stick to have and at the moment am enjoying a cup of tea and some almonds.


All I can say is thank goodness for Oopsie bread – going to be a winner for me – looking forward to making Oopsie burgers!

For supper tonight, I am making a Salmon superfood salad with avo, walnuts, flax seed oil dressing…oh dear just realised I can’t use orange juice or honey…mmm and is this going to be enough food for us?? Think I will pick up something to go with it…


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