Still hungry

Hurry up and shrink tummy! I am still feeling really hungry today.  Woke up with a headache again this morning sigh. Decided last night on the way home that a skimpy salmon salad was not going to cut it, so changed to meatballs with tomato sauce, green beans with almonds and feta and a little roasted butternut. Both beans and butternut are high on the carbs, so should be kept to the minimal, but how delicious and filling was that meal! A rule on the LCHF eating plan is that if you are hungry you must eat – and I am, but I still haven’t felt the satisfied carb full feeling. I am sure this will change as my body adjusts!

It is so strange not to be counting calories.  Each time I take a bite of cheese, or make a cream sauce I have to push through feeling like I am doing something wrong and the belief that there is NO way I will lose weight eating fat. It really is a mind shift.

I realised that I have never ever once in my life not eaten sugar or carbohydrates..ever. Even when dieting I have always “saved” some calories for a sweet treat, even if with sweetners. I have limited carbs but never completely cut them out. There are some great recipes for low carb treats…but we will only look at introducing these once we have achieved our weight loss. First, we have to break the sugar and carb addiction.  And boy am I addicted!

Looking at other LCHF’ers, it seems that the majority stick to 50g or less carbs a day but that each person must find their happy place where weight is mantained. You need to keep to the rule of 5g carbohydrates per 100g as a general guide. So looking at butternut for example which is about 9g per 100g I think…so you can’t eat very much of it.

Another fascinating blog I am following is “Twin Noakes” – twins and a friend have adopted the LCHF lifestyle after comparing it to a high carb diet – has loads of interesting info as well as info about the cholesterol issue.  You can imagine that most people immediately challenge the LCHF diet by saying, yes well all that saturated fat can’t be good for you. Apparently this has been disputed, however some people are less tolerant of animal fats and so need to keep these minimal. I don’t feel like going into the science of the issue, but their blog does this well – check it out.

On the active front, I would like to lose a little weight first before building up muscle mass again.  My plan is to lose 15kg and then start gym again.  The trade-off though is less time with my babies which already is hard for me as I only see them briefly in the evenings when I get home…



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