Cauliflower Mash!

Wow. Cauliflower Mash is yummy. Made it last night with roast chicken and a delicious salad and it was the most delicious meal. You simply break up a cauliflower into florets and  boil it until soft, add butter and cream and a little nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash / puree with a hand held beater which is what I did. Tastes as satisfying as mash potatoes and low carb!!! This is going to be another winner – real comfort food! Found this great blog post just about yummy mashed cauliflower – next time I’m adding cheese for sure!

Today has been much better.  I am not as hungry as I was yesterday. Had full fat Greek yoghurt with walnuts, macadamia’s, sunflower seeds and a few blueberries and rasberries for breakfast.  Then had two boiled eggs with a little mayo and ham wrapped around emmentaler cheese as a snack. Felt very satisfied. For lunch I had leftovers from last night’s supper.  Feeling full and fine right now. I am still struggling to get over my fear of fat – cream? Butter? Skin? All so taboo on calorie restrictive diets…it seems too good to be true that we can eat this?

I am considering consulting with a dietician just to chat around the LCHF priniciple and calories and how this is managed in terms of energy in, energy out…? I mean is there a limit to how much you can eat? Surely there is for weight loss???

I have started researching this aspect to put my mind at rest and came across this motivating blog post:

Here’s another good blog with more LCHF info…

Tonight I making sirlion steak with a cream mushroom sauce, asparagus and salad. Yummy!


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