Rice, potato, bread

Okay so seriously. You are going to miss these three. You will get used to not eating them, but your taste buds have memories!  So I am happy to have found replacements for all three…to a degree. We’ve covered cauliflower mash and almond bread and last night we made cauliflower “rice”. 

You just grate a cauliflower, fry some garlic in a big dollop of butter, toss in the grated cauli, season with salt and pepper and fry until crisp and tender. Add sliced spring onion. Yum. You can add egg and a little soya for an Asian take. Good with anything saucy.

I made a puttanesca sauce with anchovies, garlic, capers, olives, origanum, chilli and tomato – which was delicious but almost too rich for the dish – there is a reason it is served with bland pasta.  Not sure I would make that combo again.  But I would make it to go with fish, prawns, lamb stew maybe.

I haven’t been as hungry which is great.  It is wierd getting used to not feeling that carb full bloated feeling – I have associated feeling happily stuffed in this way for so long! It is different feeling LCHF satisfied.

For a treat some evenings, we have whipped cream with a few strawberries, broken walnuts and a block of grated 70% dark chocolate. Seriously yummy.


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