So this past week’s loss was 0.8kg! My DH’s was 1.5kg and my sister 0.5kg. Men always seem to lose faster than women aaaargh! Perhaps it is our bodies just adjusting to the new diet. Still a good loss all round – any loss is great!

It does make me wonder however if we should be doing more activity to speed up the fat burning element. I mean, the LCHF makes you a lean fat burning machine – all your fat cells are opened and ready to be used, but if you lead a sedentary life, then there will come a time when you are eating too many calories (this way of eating is hardly low-calorie!) for your fat burning needs?

Perhaps I should consult a dietician after all just to check the ratios / energy in and out issue to see if we are on the right track. I didn’t want to have to count what we are eating, but maybe we are being to heavy handed on the fat or dairy or protein?

I have a great new tip with Oopsie bread! It was sticking most terribly to all my baking trays even with Olive Oil. I tried it in a silicone muffin tray and voila – perfect! They just pop out.


I made homemade burgers last night on a pile of fried eggplant, topped with blue cheese and tsatsiki with a little Oopsie bread on top – delicious. Tonight I am making pork kebabs from Woolies with cauliflower mash and fried assorted zucchini & patty pans.

We did indulge in some dark chocolate over the weekend – it was DH’s Birthday so instead of cake… And I am turning 40 tomorrow…might have to have some for my Birthday too! 😉


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