3.8kg down so far…

Or 5kg if you count when I actually started in my mind to change our eating habits. From when we officially started however I have lost 3.8kg, my DH 4.5kg and my sister 4kg.


In my quest to gain understanding and knowledge on this LCHF way of life, I went to see a CT dietician who is according to blogs and google affiliated to the LCHF movement in SA. I was slightly dubious from the get go, as I said “I have come to you as I need to discuss LCHF in detail” to which he replied “what is LCHF”…mmm. But, when I said low carb, high fat, he immediately engaged and offered some additional advice, support and the assurance that we are to keep doing what we are doing as we are doing great.

It was good to bounce off some of the questions I had about the eating plan and to discuss the disparity between the diet priniciples and medical aid benchmarks. We did my Discovery VNA which made me appear as if I was eating a pathway to heart disease for sure – they cannot accept LCHF as it is in complete contradiction to current medical norms. If you eat high fat = you get high cholesterol = you die from heart disease. He did ask if heart disease runs in the family as genetic cholesterol issues can worsen on LCHF. I must go for a benchmark cholesterol test to see where it is. If you are not 1 in 200 who should watch their cholesterol, then your levels should be just fine on LCHF. Here is a really interesting link to more info on this… http://www.marksdailyapple.com/cholesterol/#axzz28t7z8Rdo

He took my Body Composition Report which showed that I have 38.2% body fat. I need to get this down to 27. According to his scale I was a kg lighter and should lose another 19kg to get into my recommended mid-range weight. 22kg to the low-end of the recommended weight for me at my age. So if I adjust my target, I only have 19-20kg more to lose and not the 25kg I thought. I asked what I should do if I plateaued and he said I can pop in for a follow-up to discuss if need be then – great!

It was a worthwhile trip if only for the assurance and support. A visit to Tim Noakes may also be worthwhile if we stumble, but in the meantime, we will keep going as we have been.

As far as I have read, if you stop losing weight you need to add in some more fat, drop protein possibly as excess can be converted to glucose and stored and limit diary and nuts as they do in the induction phase of Atkins. See interesting info here http://www.carbsmart.com/how-to-add-more-fat-to-your-low-carb-diet-for-nutritional-ketosis.html

And more here… http://www.carbsmart.com/my-5-low-carb-mistakes-and-how-nutritional-ketosis-rescued-me.html




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