Damn scale!

Okay, so we have an abberating scale! Seemingly you get what you pay for? I bought it from Dischem for R180 and was assured it was a good one. Well, the reading changes when you move it to different places…which is okay as I get that wooden floors have give vs tiled floors, but today, it gave different readings in the SAME PLACE! Seriously is it trying to mess with my mind?? WTF?

Took the weight reading in the middle range and if we can believe this, I have lost almost another kg and DH nothing. So all in all, he has lost 5.8-6kg and me 4.5-5kg in the month since we started. Not too bad. I stalled last week and it looks like DH has stalled this week. I am tempted however to go buy a more pricey scale?!

And we are measuring tonight – so will post the cm loss tomorrow. I am sure we have lost good cm’s! My sis has not lost again this week – WHY???? Will be chatting to her tonight to try figure it out.

I made no almond bread this past week and am trying to keep dairy down. Apparently the milk sugar in milk, cream and even cheese can affect your insulin levels which mess with weight loss, so if you are stalling, you need to cut out dairy and limit nuts as they are so high calorie and it is easy to overeat on these. So am trying to keep this in check.

There is also an approach called the fat fast, where you only eat 1000 calories of mostly fat for a few days to seriously kick start your fat burning metabolism which can re-start weight loss and get you into nutritional ketosis again. Might try this if we stall again.

If I can maintain loss like we have been making without too many stalls, it should take 5-6 months to reach our goal weight – I am giving it the year!


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