Fat fast

So to kick start your lazy metabolism and after at least a month of doing LCHF, you can consider doing a FAT FAST… Basically you consume only 1000 – 1200 calories a day made up of 6 x 200 calorie meals of 90% fat.  This gets the sloppy metabolism into fat burning gear – a good tool to use if your weight loss is sluggish.  After slow weight loss, my sister has started a fat fast, so I am very interested in what happens. I may go on one myself, but will see how the weight loss goes in the next week.  Here is an interesting link around the fat fast: http://www.grassfedgirl.com/how-to-do-a-fat-fast-and-book-review/

So far, in six weeks, DH has lost 6.6kg and I have lost 5.2kg.  I love to equate this to 10 blocks of butter! Still a long way to go. But my measurements were very encouraging! Have lost a total of 33cm all over my body, most significant is a 12cm loss off my waist! Yah!

Looking forward…when we have reached the ideal weight, I will be tempted for sure to start baking using paleo / lchf ingredients like nut flours etc.  I read this interesting article about being aware of the pitfalls of getting too good at Paleo – must remember this when I get there… http://www.humansarenotbroken.com/youre-getting-too-good-at-paleo/

And now onto Atkins… So all along I have been avoiding researching Atkins as part of the appeal of LCHF was that it is a non-regimented diet and basic principles apply.  However, I now realise that this is true for beginners, however it is not a one size fits all way of eating…at all.  And so some theory does need to be read so one’s approach can be tailored to be effective.  And yes, calories / energy / protein ratios / fat ratios all come into play.  So “The New Atkins New You” book is actually a great read…to help you do just this. I have it on kindle, but would prefer a hard copy actually so I can make notes and refer to pages quickly when I need answers…And the diet is basically LCHF now – not high protein like most people believe…full of interesting and helpful info…a recommended read!




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