51 cm off!

Wow. So in total, I have lost 51cm since starting LCHF. Most significantly – 11cm off my hips and a whopping 18cm off my waist! Woohoo! And a total of 9.5kg since unofficially starting or 8.5kg since officially starting…

My DH, who is feeling and looking great has lost 9kg and 14cm off his waist and 2cm off his hips.

We need to start upping the exercise now I think to speed up fat burning, but I have just downloaded “The Primal Blueprint” which is the Paleo slant of low carb – very interesting and great insight into the low carb way. Paleo includes some raw sugar in the form of pure honey or maple syrup, and more fruits but no dairy except for cream and butter. Mark Sisson of http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-book/the-primal-blueprint/#axzz2Nt9Nuofz wrote this book and his take on exercise is very interesting. He says that we shouldn’t be working out and straining for an hour a day, more gentle walking or hiking is far preferable with some heavy lifting and the odd sprint here and there in caveman style. I am looking for a spinning bike, which I have found works well for me in the past, but instead of a really hardcore 45 minute high resistance spin, I may do a gentler 30 mins with s few sprints thrown in.

I have joined a few low carb pages on Facebook, but all they talk about are delicious low carb treats…I don’t feel ready to make or eat these yet, so I have no new recipes to share today. I did make egg muffins on the weekend, but I found them a little bland – nice with cheese though but I actually prefer Oopsie Breads.

Tonight I am making roast chicken pieces with veggies.


Put on!

So I’ve seemingly put back on 300-400g after last weeks massive weight loss due to the tummy bug! So my total weight lost now is 7.7kg or so…I just can’t wait to get past this next barrier…

DH has lost 800g, so a total of 9kg lost! He is already looking so much thinner – his tummy is shrinking fast.

Made low carb pumpkin pie after all this weekend – delicious and the babies love it. We also had two beers on Saturday, but no diner apart from a little biltong and a few macadamias. Suprisingly, I wasn’t really hungry, but felt a little hungover the next day! Lol.

Tummy Bug and carbs

So thanks to a weekend long tummy bug, I lost 2.8kg! And DH 1.6kg. We also have a new scale – maybe it is being kinder to us?! I am sure I will put some of that back once I get over this tummy thing blargh.

On Saturday when I started to feel a bit odd, I thought it was the chorizo sausage in our breakfast scrambled eggs. I ate some of a steak salad for lunch and towards the evening started feeling really crappy. Literally. All I felt like was carbs! I made a baked custard with cream, eggs, vanilla and xylitol for supper – all I could stomach. Very nice btw – here is the recipe…yum with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top – like a milk tart!

Baked Custard

Cooking Time: 7-8 minutes
Temp: 50% power
Makes 1 serving

1/2 cup heavy cream
2 eggs
1 T Splenda or Xylitol and some Cinnamon

Beat eggs. Add Splenda/Xylitol. Stir in cream and mix well.
Sprinkle with cinnamon. Place in microwave and cook on 50% power for about 4 mins. Knife should come out clean when inserted near center of custard. Serve chilled or if you can’t wait eat warm like I did.

Fat:54 grams

Even though I didn’t vom at all and wasn’t feeling nauseas thank God, I was feeling really weak. On Sunday, I was feeling seriously iffy and couldn’t face food until I saw the babies eating their rice cake. It looked good, so I ate one. I then had a boiled egg. Then a banana. Then almond bread and a cup of chicken broth. Started feeling better towards the evening and ate two lamb chops and gem squash.

So I had a little carbs. But hey, just one rice cake and one banana. Given that the Dr usually suggests a BRAT diet – banana, rice, apples, toast for tummy bugs as these are the easiest on your digestive system, I just needed them.

Today, back on track but still a little grumbly, I have had Greek yoghurt, a couple of berries, a few walnuts and a little coconut.  For lunch I had two boiled eggs with mayo. 1/2 an avo. a couple slices ham. some olives and some slices of Brie. I have also had two cups of coffee with cream – but not going down so well.

For supper, I am making meatballs, tsatsiki, aubergine slices and salad.

I think I may need to weigh on Thursday just to check what is going on…