Put on!

So I’ve seemingly put back on 300-400g after last weeks massive weight loss due to the tummy bug! So my total weight lost now is 7.7kg or so…I just can’t wait to get past this next barrier…

DH has lost 800g, so a total of 9kg lost! He is already looking so much thinner – his tummy is shrinking fast.

Made low carb pumpkin pie after all this weekend – delicious and the babies love it. We also had two beers on Saturday, but no diner apart from a little biltong and a few macadamias. Suprisingly, I wasn’t really hungry, but felt a little hungover the next day! Lol.


One thought on “Put on!

  1. Hi Cam

    My husband and I are just getting started on eating LCHF. I am so pleased that you have a blog! I will be reading everyday and using your recipies! Any and all advice on the starting stage more than welcome. Love Lesley Richards (richardsl from FC)

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