12kg gone but looks like 15kg or more…

This past week we both lost 1.5kg – strangely! We did nothing different – maybe no treats? Very pleased anyway. So in total I have lost 11-12kg and DH 12kg and we have been on this diet now for 3 months. Pretty good going! Hopefully the fat-burning keeps up – I am so interested to see how my body responds long term. I have noticed that I am losing fat in places that I haven’t even lost fat when on a normal low fat diet – really cool.

What is interesting is that I am fitting into clothes that I don’t usually fit into until I am at least 7kg less that I am now! So I am definitely gaining muscle which is heavy and losing fat – so the scale is giving me a higher reading than my measurements. This is ideal – you should be ignoring the scale as it is better to be HEAVY and SLIM not LIGHT and THIN – you want loads of heavy muscle to be a fat burning machine!

We have ordered an exercise bike as it is getting too cold to swim – it is a fab one that works with our ipads so we can download routes and follow a whole fitness programme, ride international routes and watch tv while we cycle lol! Check it out – http://www.mifitness.co.za/products/dkn-am5i-exercise-bike .In addition, I want to start following the Primal Blueprint exercise routine – push-ups, sit-ups etc.

I did try an awesome baked cheesecake recipe which comes from the Atkins Cookbook – delicious!!!!!!! I will post the recipe soon x


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