53kg and counting…

So between me, my DH and my sister…we have lost a total of 53kg! That is the equivelant of 106 blocks of butter! I like to think of it as butter as that is sort of what I think fat would look like…eeeeewwwweee. Even though butter is good fat on LCHF lol.

I also realised that I haven’t done my measurements yet for June…so will do them again in July to see how the cm’s are looking. But I am down 2 pants sizes which is great. There is still a lot of flab, loose tummy skin, cellulite to deal with and when I look at myself naked in the mirror, there is a lot of excess fat still to lose on my body!  It is actually quite amazing how much I can actually store lol. 

We all feel so much better, lighter, leaner and more healthy – just loving the results of our caveman eating ;).

We made a most delicious treat on Saturday and I give full credit to a fellow LCHF’er – BERRY ALMOND PUDDING… OMG it is heaven served with double thick cream…

Will have to post the recipe soon!


One thought on “53kg and counting…

  1. When you post the recipe it is worth mentioning that it is an amended Delia Smith recipe, I simply substituted xylitol for the sugar in the original recipe.

    And well done to the three of you.

    Are you going to get your cholesterol levels measured?

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