On a go slow!

Okay. Seriously…we are on a go slow weight loss wise. Last week, I lost a massive 100g and this week a mere 200g. If I carry on at this pace it will take me 35 weeks to reach my goal as I still have at least 7kg – 12kg to go or thereabouts.

Oh noooo, I hope this doesn’t mean I have plateued. Or do I just carry on as we have been doing and allow our bodies to settle where they want to be? That was always my grand plan – to eat LCHF and to allow my body to settle into the shape it would be eating this way forever. So either, I take action, do a fat fast or cut down on dairy and nuts and of course all the lekker treats I have been baking…ahem hmmmmm.  Or, we carry on and don’t worry about the pace of the loss and see where it takes us…

On the excercise front – I haven’t been cycling due to the flu we have been battling.  But now that I am well, there really is no excuse – perhaps this will kick-start some more loss. I have quite a wobbly thing going on on my ass and thighs – hopefully toning will sort this out. I also still have generous amounts of fat on my hips and bottom to shift – and I want to see it leaving at some stage…mmm ponder ponder.

Of course, these baked goodies I have been trying are not really allowed in a weight loss phase really – so yes while I have already indicated cutting them out, perhaps this should be a starting point.  I think I will cut out ALL treats, dark choc etc for a week and see what happens…

Boo hoo and there I was thinking my chocolate cake testing endeavours could continue unabated lol. Not.


One thought on “On a go slow!

  1. Yup I have been at a plateau for over a month now. I actually haven’t set myself a goal weight, I want to see where I feel comfortable. But I think when we get back from our trip I too need to give up ALL treats and see if I can get some movement back. I’m reluctant to do the fat fast as it seems to really only be recommended if you haven’t already lost some weight on LCHF, but I may just get desperate enough.

    Hope you see some movement in the right direction next week.

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