Plateau Smateau

Okay back on that plateau since last month…I have been losing and putting back on the same 500g again and again…sigh…yawn.  Last week we were especially good and I lost the 500g again, while DH 1kg last week and another 300g this week! Typical men.

I am feeling a little frustrated and not sure how long I must not worry about it before doing something to kick-start loss again.  Does this mean that my body is comfortable at this weight and I wont lose anymore ever?  Or does it mean that I am just settling into the 18kg I have lost and things will start moving when my body is ready and if it needs to???

And in doing something drastic to start loss again – do we do a fat fast?  Do we up our physical activity? Do we do intermittend fasting? Or should we just be patient?

I feel a need to start doing some research…


One thought on “Plateau Smateau

  1. Hmm, don’t talk to me about plateaus. I am stuck and have been for nearly 3 months. I lost that first 5kgs so easily and then got stuck. I have lost and gained the same 1kg since then. I even gave up dairy for two weeks, which did seem to get the 1kg off again, but now half of it is back AGAIN!

    Have read and re-read the guidelines to see if I am doing something wrong, you know if bad habits have snuck back in? But I seem to be okay. For now I am sticking with it, cut right down on dairy and nuts (and nut flours) and watching my portion sizes and increasing my water intake and will give it another two weeks before considering something dramatic.

    Best of luck getting off this plateau. And why oh why do men seem to loose so easily?

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