Down 2kg!

Woohoo! So finally after all those weeks of nothing, it seems the loss has started up again and I lost 1.6kg and then 300g this past week. DH has also lost another 2kg making his total loss 21kg and mine 20kg. My sis has lost 23kg so far. Fab.

So, if we are still working towards our original targets, DH has just 4kg to go until he reaches his goal weight and I want to lose at least another 9kg. We are still in the mindset though that this is for life, so we are happy to go with our bodies pace to get to where it wants to be. DH is looking very skinny, but still has a little boep and I am fast getting a very flabby bottom and still have a wobbly tummy…I think that some more toning exercise will be needed by us both. We will be taking our measurements soon to see total cm’s lost.

In the recent past, I have had two colleagues challenge me about the “new fad” “Tim Noakes” diet saying that they have friends who know of two people who dropped dead from heart attacks because of high cholesterol, and another who’s wife is following the diet and just had her cholesterol tested and it was 6.8 (rather high). I have tried to challenge their beliefs with studies I have read, what other contributing factors may have caused the heart attackes and also around the cholesterol issue / particle size scenario etc – so for interesting reading I am including more links here which discuss this issue in detail:

I have also just read Hungry For Change and really resonate with the thinking. I am starting to learn more about digestive tract health, alkalinity, vitamin intake, immunity strengthening foods etc.  To this end, we want to start incorporating some juicing (green juice specifically), activated seeds and nuts, fermented foods and natural probiotic foods to help our digestion etc…will post more about this and share links as we go…


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