There’s no hiding…

There’s no hiding the fact that on this way of eating you simply CANNOT have your cake and eat it too…unless it is made with almond flour.  So last week, DH and I were not very strict and indulged in wine, beer, an a little pudding at a function, the odd bite of the kids toast, honey etc.  And hey presto, we each put on a kg!!!!!!!!!!! Just like that.

So, back to being strict this week. We still have a nightly block of dark choc as our only sin. Hoping that that kg is gone next week.  I was resigned to loss slowing down now but not that a mere bump in the lchf road would mean instant gain.  Perhaps there will be no future grains or honey as we are so sensitive to carbs that we need to keep our intake limited to below 80g or less…



Feeling Fat


Gosh…don’t ever go try on clothes at Truworths!!! I remember feeling dreadful the last time I did this when I was really fat… but I thought that being 22kg lighter would mean a better experience, so off I went looking for some t-shirts and loose baggy summery pants. M.i.s.t.a.k.e.

I am still FAT.

Yes, judging from the rear view of my ass in that four-way mirror and unflattering light, I am not looking too good from behind. I still have pockets of flab on my back, and my ass and thighs look like the twin’s playdough.

Really depressing. If it wasn’t before…it is clear now that I could still lose 15kg before looking too thin. Sigh…maybe I am just having a fat day…