Back on track…

Okay, so hopefully we are getting back on track – both me and DH had a 800g loss this week yay! So I still have at least 10kg or so to go until my goal and DH another 5kg…

We were pretty strict last week, but still indulged in a block or two of dark chocolate despite saying we would ban all treats… Our organic shop around the corner sells raw chocolate – 20g blocks with a little buckwheat, honey and a few raisins in it which is DIVINE…so we did have that twice sigh…oh well, as long as we are still losing, I don’t mind if it is slow.

We are back on the bike! Yes, from today we will be cycling daily in the mornings – hopefully this will kickstart faster fat burning – time will tell.

In the meantime, I just have to make that berry pud this week as my sister is visiting and it will be our monthly treat – so will still post recipe here soon…salivating just thinking about it.

Cheating: Okay time to confess.  I have cheated to have a slice of Woolies Cafe cheesecake a few weeks ago.  It is my best and mostly made from cream and cream cheese right?  So as far as cheats go, not too bad.  I would like to be able to have this now and then once I am at my maintained weight.  DH has a samoosa. So not too bad so far.  It must be said however, that poor eating habbits are like a very slippery slope…as soon as you feel imbued with a false sense of confidence around your weight loss (in that you start to believe it is a permanent state that will not be affected by what you eat)…S.T.O.P and T.H.I.N.K. You WILL GET FAT AGAIN IF YOU START TO EAT UNCONTROLLABLY. That is just a fact.

As mentioned, the one great thing about eating LCHF is that you really dont feel deprived.  So it is sustainable. And I think, there can be small deviations in time, in that you can probably manage the odd sugar treat now and then in the form of a slice of cake etc…just not every day!!!

In the meantime, I am enjoying the feeling of being lighter and being able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn for ages…as we head towards our goals, the new focus will be on firming up and dealing with flabby skin and getting fit!


On a go slow!

Okay. Seriously…we are on a go slow weight loss wise. Last week, I lost a massive 100g and this week a mere 200g. If I carry on at this pace it will take me 35 weeks to reach my goal as I still have at least 7kg – 12kg to go or thereabouts.

Oh noooo, I hope this doesn’t mean I have plateued. Or do I just carry on as we have been doing and allow our bodies to settle where they want to be? That was always my grand plan – to eat LCHF and to allow my body to settle into the shape it would be eating this way forever. So either, I take action, do a fat fast or cut down on dairy and nuts and of course all the lekker treats I have been baking…ahem hmmmmm.  Or, we carry on and don’t worry about the pace of the loss and see where it takes us…

On the excercise front – I haven’t been cycling due to the flu we have been battling.  But now that I am well, there really is no excuse – perhaps this will kick-start some more loss. I have quite a wobbly thing going on on my ass and thighs – hopefully toning will sort this out. I also still have generous amounts of fat on my hips and bottom to shift – and I want to see it leaving at some stage…mmm ponder ponder.

Of course, these baked goodies I have been trying are not really allowed in a weight loss phase really – so yes while I have already indicated cutting them out, perhaps this should be a starting point.  I think I will cut out ALL treats, dark choc etc for a week and see what happens…

Boo hoo and there I was thinking my chocolate cake testing endeavours could continue unabated lol. Not.

53kg and counting…

So between me, my DH and my sister…we have lost a total of 53kg! That is the equivelant of 106 blocks of butter! I like to think of it as butter as that is sort of what I think fat would look like…eeeeewwwweee. Even though butter is good fat on LCHF lol.

I also realised that I haven’t done my measurements yet for June…so will do them again in July to see how the cm’s are looking. But I am down 2 pants sizes which is great. There is still a lot of flab, loose tummy skin, cellulite to deal with and when I look at myself naked in the mirror, there is a lot of excess fat still to lose on my body!  It is actually quite amazing how much I can actually store lol. 

We all feel so much better, lighter, leaner and more healthy – just loving the results of our caveman eating ;).

We made a most delicious treat on Saturday and I give full credit to a fellow LCHF’er – BERRY ALMOND PUDDING… OMG it is heaven served with double thick cream…

Will have to post the recipe soon!

Chia Seeds

So I have just been reading all about Chia Seeds and how marvellous they are for a low carb / healthy diet – they are full of fabulous goodness! I have some sitting in my cupboard and admit I haven’t really been sure what to use them for so finally did some research…

See more here:

I will be making this Chia Seed Pudding recipe tonight for breakfast tomorrow – will let you know how it goes…

Chia Seed Pudding: 
Serves 4

You will need:
¼ cup of chia seeds

1 cup of coconut milk, almond milk, or normal milk
A container for storing overnight
1/2 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup
 or xylitol

Optional: Chopped nuts, chocolate chips, cranberries, berries, shredded coconut etc.

To make:
 Place all ingredients in your container and stir with spoon. Put in the fridge overnight to set. Eat in the morning…yum!

Plateau Plateau?


My 15kg thinner face…still with double chin!!!

Aaaaargh…only 600g loss this week, so still hovering on the same weight give or take for the past 3 weeks now! 

Hopefully the weight loss will kick in again otherwise I may have to do something drastic like a fat fast (which secretly I have been dreading) to get the metabolism moving. It could be that I am gaining muscle and still losing cm’s – only time will tell. 

I measure again next week!


Haven’t posted in so long – been crazy busy. So if I am still aiming for the 29kg weightloss I wanted when we started this journey, then I am halfway there! There is no doubt however that I need to still lose many many more centimetres if I look critically at myself in the mirror so I think this target is still spot on. And we will need to tone as well as we are now left with flabby bits ;).  I have now lost 14.2 – 15.2kg according to the scale!

BUT…I have had no weight loss for the past 2 weeks! Aaaaaaaargh. Why?  Am I plateauing? Could it be that I have started cycling every morning for 20 minutes and muscles may be starting to come back a little and are heavier? Is it because I am now at the exact weight I was for some time before I fell pregnant and my body thinks it is kinda lekker to just be here? Whhhyyyyyyyy?

Admittedly, in our euphoria of having acheived the loss we have, we have been indulging in nightly blocks or two of dark chocolate.  Amazing how quickly this becomes a habit! Further, in the miserable winter weather of weekend past, I was craving biscuits so baked up a batch of low carb berry, dark choc chip, almond flour cookies. Yum Yum Yum. But. This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

So. This week we are back to being strict as I simply have to get the weight loss back on the go.  It is important for motivation – even though I know that measurements are the real deal and the scale is not. Funny that. On the measurement side, I am thrilled to announce that I have now lost a total of 77cm from all over my body!

I am down two pants sizes and was able to wear a slim fitting tuxedo jacket over tight pants with nothing to hide my ass at a function recently!  Loving this ;)!!!

DH is doing as well and is fitting into pants that he couldn’t do up not too long ago.  He has lost 17cm off his waist but also has some way to go to lose tummy and hip fat.

Reality check:  We still have some way to go before we are down to our basic body as it is meant to be without layers of comforting fat…