Back on the plateau wagon

So it would appear as if we are back on the plateau wagon…sigh…I weight the same as last week and 4 weeks ago and DH put on last week and then lost a bit this week…so hovering around the same mark more or less for 5 weeks now…

But that is okay. We must be chuffed at our massive 20kg plus loss and I am sure that weight loss should slow down as one approaches one’s target…okay, well DH is a mere 3.5kg away from his target while I still have 8-10kg to go.

We are not that stressed about it as I have said before this is a way of eating for life.

However – on reaching our goals weights I do want to tweak a few things – bring in some juicing in the mornings / superfood smoothies / paleo recipes / raw chocolate / raw vegan food / sprouted grains etc.

I also want to start making Kombucha and our own raw superfood treats…but as they use fruit / honey etc I have been reluctant. Something to look forward to…


Tummy Bug and carbs

So thanks to a weekend long tummy bug, I lost 2.8kg! And DH 1.6kg. We also have a new scale – maybe it is being kinder to us?! I am sure I will put some of that back once I get over this tummy thing blargh.

On Saturday when I started to feel a bit odd, I thought it was the chorizo sausage in our breakfast scrambled eggs. I ate some of a steak salad for lunch and towards the evening started feeling really crappy. Literally. All I felt like was carbs! I made a baked custard with cream, eggs, vanilla and xylitol for supper – all I could stomach. Very nice btw – here is the recipe…yum with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top – like a milk tart!

Baked Custard

Cooking Time: 7-8 minutes
Temp: 50% power
Makes 1 serving

1/2 cup heavy cream
2 eggs
1 T Splenda or Xylitol and some Cinnamon

Beat eggs. Add Splenda/Xylitol. Stir in cream and mix well.
Sprinkle with cinnamon. Place in microwave and cook on 50% power for about 4 mins. Knife should come out clean when inserted near center of custard. Serve chilled or if you can’t wait eat warm like I did.

Fat:54 grams

Even though I didn’t vom at all and wasn’t feeling nauseas thank God, I was feeling really weak. On Sunday, I was feeling seriously iffy and couldn’t face food until I saw the babies eating their rice cake. It looked good, so I ate one. I then had a boiled egg. Then a banana. Then almond bread and a cup of chicken broth. Started feeling better towards the evening and ate two lamb chops and gem squash.

So I had a little carbs. But hey, just one rice cake and one banana. Given that the Dr usually suggests a BRAT diet – banana, rice, apples, toast for tummy bugs as these are the easiest on your digestive system, I just needed them.

Today, back on track but still a little grumbly, I have had Greek yoghurt, a couple of berries, a few walnuts and a little coconut.  For lunch I had two boiled eggs with mayo. 1/2 an avo. a couple slices ham. some olives and some slices of Brie. I have also had two cups of coffee with cream – but not going down so well.

For supper, I am making meatballs, tsatsiki, aubergine slices and salad.

I think I may need to weigh on Thursday just to check what is going on…

Damn scale!

Okay, so we have an abberating scale! Seemingly you get what you pay for? I bought it from Dischem for R180 and was assured it was a good one. Well, the reading changes when you move it to different places…which is okay as I get that wooden floors have give vs tiled floors, but today, it gave different readings in the SAME PLACE! Seriously is it trying to mess with my mind?? WTF?

Took the weight reading in the middle range and if we can believe this, I have lost almost another kg and DH nothing. So all in all, he has lost 5.8-6kg and me 4.5-5kg in the month since we started. Not too bad. I stalled last week and it looks like DH has stalled this week. I am tempted however to go buy a more pricey scale?!

And we are measuring tonight – so will post the cm loss tomorrow. I am sure we have lost good cm’s! My sis has not lost again this week – WHY???? Will be chatting to her tonight to try figure it out.

I made no almond bread this past week and am trying to keep dairy down. Apparently the milk sugar in milk, cream and even cheese can affect your insulin levels which mess with weight loss, so if you are stalling, you need to cut out dairy and limit nuts as they are so high calorie and it is easy to overeat on these. So am trying to keep this in check.

There is also an approach called the fat fast, where you only eat 1000 calories of mostly fat for a few days to seriously kick start your fat burning metabolism which can re-start weight loss and get you into nutritional ketosis again. Might try this if we stall again.

If I can maintain loss like we have been making without too many stalls, it should take 5-6 months to reach our goal weight – I am giving it the year!

3.8kg down so far…

Or 5kg if you count when I actually started in my mind to change our eating habits. From when we officially started however I have lost 3.8kg, my DH 4.5kg and my sister 4kg.


In my quest to gain understanding and knowledge on this LCHF way of life, I went to see a CT dietician who is according to blogs and google affiliated to the LCHF movement in SA. I was slightly dubious from the get go, as I said “I have come to you as I need to discuss LCHF in detail” to which he replied “what is LCHF”…mmm. But, when I said low carb, high fat, he immediately engaged and offered some additional advice, support and the assurance that we are to keep doing what we are doing as we are doing great.

It was good to bounce off some of the questions I had about the eating plan and to discuss the disparity between the diet priniciples and medical aid benchmarks. We did my Discovery VNA which made me appear as if I was eating a pathway to heart disease for sure – they cannot accept LCHF as it is in complete contradiction to current medical norms. If you eat high fat = you get high cholesterol = you die from heart disease. He did ask if heart disease runs in the family as genetic cholesterol issues can worsen on LCHF. I must go for a benchmark cholesterol test to see where it is. If you are not 1 in 200 who should watch their cholesterol, then your levels should be just fine on LCHF. Here is a really interesting link to more info on this…

He took my Body Composition Report which showed that I have 38.2% body fat. I need to get this down to 27. According to his scale I was a kg lighter and should lose another 19kg to get into my recommended mid-range weight. 22kg to the low-end of the recommended weight for me at my age. So if I adjust my target, I only have 19-20kg more to lose and not the 25kg I thought. I asked what I should do if I plateaued and he said I can pop in for a follow-up to discuss if need be then – great!

It was a worthwhile trip if only for the assurance and support. A visit to Tim Noakes may also be worthwhile if we stumble, but in the meantime, we will keep going as we have been.

As far as I have read, if you stop losing weight you need to add in some more fat, drop protein possibly as excess can be converted to glucose and stored and limit diary and nuts as they do in the induction phase of Atkins. See interesting info here

And more here…



Cauliflower Mash!

Wow. Cauliflower Mash is yummy. Made it last night with roast chicken and a delicious salad and it was the most delicious meal. You simply break up a cauliflower into florets and  boil it until soft, add butter and cream and a little nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash / puree with a hand held beater which is what I did. Tastes as satisfying as mash potatoes and low carb!!! This is going to be another winner – real comfort food! Found this great blog post just about yummy mashed cauliflower – next time I’m adding cheese for sure!

Today has been much better.  I am not as hungry as I was yesterday. Had full fat Greek yoghurt with walnuts, macadamia’s, sunflower seeds and a few blueberries and rasberries for breakfast.  Then had two boiled eggs with a little mayo and ham wrapped around emmentaler cheese as a snack. Felt very satisfied. For lunch I had leftovers from last night’s supper.  Feeling full and fine right now. I am still struggling to get over my fear of fat – cream? Butter? Skin? All so taboo on calorie restrictive diets…it seems too good to be true that we can eat this?

I am considering consulting with a dietician just to chat around the LCHF priniciple and calories and how this is managed in terms of energy in, energy out…? I mean is there a limit to how much you can eat? Surely there is for weight loss???

I have started researching this aspect to put my mind at rest and came across this motivating blog post:

Here’s another good blog with more LCHF info…

Tonight I making sirlion steak with a cream mushroom sauce, asparagus and salad. Yummy!