44kg gone…

So between me and DH we have gotten rid of about 44kg. DH is nearing his original goal with only 3.5kg to go…while I still have 8kg still to shift.  A lot of people have been asking me how much more weight I want to lose and don’t I think I should stop now…I keep explaining that I really carry extra weight well and could still lose another 13kg easily.  Interestingly, I was looking back at my old food/diet notebooks and at my lightest in history back in 1999, I weighed 15kg less than I do now.  Admittedly I was starving myself and working out hardcore four days a week, but I did look great. 

I also have to point out to anyone who asks me that we are seeing this as a way of life now and that we will continue to eat this way until our bodies have settled where they want to be at which point we may start to bring in some sweet potato, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelt wheat products possibly. But for now, we certainly do not feel deprived or on a diet in any way.

DH is looking very skinny and only has one pair of pants that fit him properly – he needs to start wearing more slim fit clothes rather than lose baggy tops. I have shopped quite a bit as I am down two dress sizes lol. Both of us need to tone more…still haven’t figured out best scenario for that.

Today I cheated and ate a slice of cheesecake at Woolies Cafe. It was nice but not so nice that I felt like I would miss it…I really have lost my sugar addiction.  I haven’t eaten anything since and now am only craving a big ass salad…yah!



3 thoughts on “44kg gone…

  1. I have to agree your hubby is looking skinny and new clothes that fit him will show off just what an achievement he has made. As for you, you are constantly my inspiration.

    I totally agree, this does not feel like deprivation in any way and you are eating healthily, so your body will figure out where it wants to be.

  2. Congratulations!
    I have also been following a LCHF lifestyle, and am down 12.5 kgs. I am pretty much at my goal weight but there is always the temptation to loose a few more! However at over 40, I still need some fat to fill out the face wrinkles. I agree with the commentor above, that my body will settle at a weight it wants to be, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop eating this way. Just not worry too much when eating out etc.

    I see you mentioned cholesterol in one of your posts. My cholesterol reading has come down to 5.2 (from 7) and my “good” cholesterol is excellent.

    Carry on with your good work, its nice to find SA blogs about the LCHF journey.

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