Back on the plateau wagon

So it would appear as if we are back on the plateau wagon…sigh…I weight the same as last week and 4 weeks ago and DH put on last week and then lost a bit this week…so hovering around the same mark more or less for 5 weeks now…

But that is okay. We must be chuffed at our massive 20kg plus loss and I am sure that weight loss should slow down as one approaches one’s target…okay, well DH is a mere 3.5kg away from his target while I still have 8-10kg to go.

We are not that stressed about it as I have said before this is a way of eating for life.

However – on reaching our goals weights I do want to tweak a few things – bring in some juicing in the mornings / superfood smoothies / paleo recipes / raw chocolate / raw vegan food / sprouted grains etc.

I also want to start making Kombucha and our own raw superfood treats…but as they use fruit / honey etc I have been reluctant. Something to look forward to…